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Radon enters the home from the surrounding soil and through the well water. As the radon passes through the house along with the rest of the air it will decay into solids that can attach to dust.  You can inhale these and when they decay they emit alfa particles. If these alfa particles hit the DNA in the cells in your lungs it can damage it enough to cause cancer. 

To mitigate air, a hole is drilled through the concrete floor in the basement, a four inch pipe is run outside and connected to a fan, ​the piping is then run above the roof line and a disconnect switch installed for the fan.

Water mitigation is accomplished by aeration. The equipment pumps timed air into a known sized tub and then is vented above the roof line with three inch pipe​. If the water supply is hard and/or contains high iron or manganese, it may need a water softener and/or a sediment filter ahead of the mitigation equipment. The equipment will need a new 20 amp circuit for electrical power.


Air Mitigation - By Bid, Starting at $900
Water Mitigation - By Bid, Starting at $4500

Advice and instructions - $75  First hour
$35​​  per hour after first

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