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Tools of the Trade
The blower door and the dual channel micro monometer are used to measure the air leakage through the house. This measurement is used to determine if the house needs to be air sealed or ventilated.  After the air sealing has been done it is used again to show how effective the work has been. It can be used during the work to find the leaks by using a thermal camera and a small smoke generator. The blower greatly enhances the ability of the thermal camera to show where the leakage is occuring by drawing cold air into the building. The micro monometer is also used to check the house for backdrafting of the exhaust gasses from the boiler or furnace.
The FLIR thermal camera is an important tool to help find air leaks, missing insulation and water leaks. Used while the blower door is running to pull cold air into the building it can easily find where the leaks are so they can be sealed. If there are water leaks in the building the water will be a different temperature than the surrounding walls or ceilings. This can be helpful for finding roof and plumbing leaks. The camera I have combines a regular photo with the FLIR photo to make it easier to identify where the problem is located when looking at the pictures later. It also takes video and 360 degree shots. 
The psychrometer measures realative humidity to determine what if any steps should be taken if the reading is not between 40 to 60 percent. The combustion analyzer measures the boiler or furnace efficiency and the carbon monoxide levels. The gas detector checks for any propane or natural gas leaks. The duct blaster measures duct leakage in a forced hot air heating system. The borescope can enter a small hole to look for missing insulation or other problems.

Energy Audit to qualify for Efficiency Maine rebates and loans
Up to $3600 in rebates​
Energy Audit  to determine causes of high fuel usage, ice dams, cold rooms and other problems.
Blower door test ​​​​​to measure building air flow for air quality using ASHRAE 62.2
Blower door test for the MUBEC Residental Energy Code
Duct test for the MUBEC Residental Energy Code
Testing for the MUBEC Residental Ventilation Code
Thermal Scan

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